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Pablo, our manager, was born in Malaga and graduated from one of the most prestigious catering schools in Spain ‘’la Consula’’ where many Michelins stars contemporaries have emerged from. Having worked in a number of fine restaurants in Spain he came to London and joined our sister restaurant La Fabrica in Stroud Green Rd where he worked as assistant manager for over a year and tuned in his skills and familiarised himself with British taste.
Once Pablo accepted the responsibility of spearheading Sabor, a number trips to Spain was organised to look for a chef who was of the same mind and abilities. After a number of trips, many fine dinners, wines and deserts at different restaurants and meeting with potential candidates an offer was extended to Jose Padilla,  an offer which was hoped  “he couldn’t refuse” . 

“Sabor  is an ambitious project in which we try to provide patrons more than just a meal. It is an experience in the flavors and hospitality of the land we come from, Malaga.”

Pablo & Pepe.

Jose, or Pepe as lovingly nicknamed amongst friends, is a childhood friend of Pablo. What unites them most is their love and passion for offering an exciting experience in modern Andalusian eating. Pepe comes from Malaga and worked in some of the leading restaurants in Malaga; most notably ”La Derina’’ where he worked with renowned chefs such as Carlos Caballero where he learned and mastered the art of Spanish modern cuisine. He has an innate sense of flavors (Sabor in Spanish) and loves to “push the envelope further”.